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Company Action Poker Gaming Inc
Established 2002
Software size 5340kb (Download)
More is currently running a huge bonus for new sign-ups. New users can actually get a 100% match for their first deposit no matter how much is deposited. However, there are still maximum limits placed depending on the mode of payment and deposit used. Forty five days are given for bonus clearance, a generous extension compared to other poker sites. differs a bit from other poker sites. It has multi-player games and different poker versions. Popular versions include the Panguingue, Chinese Poker, and Big 2 Poker. The LVFH software is quite good in terms of functionality with sharp and vivid graphics. The traffic is slowly picking up in the past half year but is still a meager 600 peak hour players for real money games. The ring games and tournaments are more promising with over 700 and 1000 players, respectively. Very loose action and low stakes best describe the cash potential of poker. Low limit players should have lots of fun, though.

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Positive & Negative  
Positive things
  • Excellent support
  • Very good signup bonuses
  • Negative things
  • Could use some more players
  • Mostly lowstake games.

  • Score  
    Client speed
    Client graphics
    Tournament traffic
    Sign up bonuses
    Variarity of games
    Deposit options
    Activity, players
    Where poker goes wild!

    Full Review Client

    This is a good website for people wanting to throw away hard-earned cash. Money literally rains down Tiger Gaming's poker rooms. The clients are mostly Canadians due to the site's aggressive campaign in Canadian television networks and anywhere where poker games are aired. The people behind the site probably thought that Canada's an untapped poker reservoir. Canada's a very untapped poker reservoir that players don't even know how to play the game. The result? Good, nice people with barely a clue on how poker works. is a veritable playground for newbies in the poker scene.

    However, don't get too cocky because occasionally, experienced players make their presence felt in the site. Like school bullies, they beat every player and sign off with much improved bank accounts. It's either a good thing or a bad thing for players, depending on which perspective is viewed. It's good for those clueless players to get beaten up by the experienced ones so they get pushed to play harder, if not smarter. However, since becoming a real poker player does not happen overnight, the regular players may have to lose a few more hands.

    Tiger Gaming's clientele needs to improve badly because if and when unscrupulous but good poker players hear of their existence, they are easy preys. A suggestion for Tiger Gaming: put up a poker tutorial. Heck, even a simple glossary will do. Some players don't even know what a hand or royal flush means. Anyway, it's Tiger Gaming's call. Poor players make for poor games, lower stakes, and, very, very loose games. Tournament Traffic tournaments are mostly lame with a few exceptions. Single-table tournaments are popular and so are multi-table games. However, the stakes are very low, with some games even offering a ten-dollar pot. Not exactly exciting, but it draws the crowds in. Peak hours often see over a thousand players at real money games.

    Hold'em and Pan games regularly hold tournaments but these tournaments are usually low stake and not worth playing for. High stake games are almost non-existent in this site, especially in tournaments. players, being the newbies that they are, think otherwise and play. Free-rolls are also very popular and active. In fact, these get the most traffic compared to other tournaments. Unfortunately, the stakes here are still very low, which complements the quality of the players. NL5 and NL25 are the most popular games wherein it is a cinch to look for tables. During peak hours, expect to see eight tables for each game. But looking for higher limits like NL50 and 100 is next to impossible. A total of one table for each of these games is usually occupied by the experienced set. Looking for higher stakes than these in is like looking for a saber-toothed tiger in the city: futile, and ultimately, foolish.

    Given the quality of its players, the site surprisingly offers WSOP qualifiers. Traffic is good for these qualifying rounds but since this is seasonal, it loses some heat. To sum it up, tournament traffic in can be categorized in two. It is good for wholesome and fun gaming. But for those who think that poker traffic should be profitable and active with tight games, the traffic is beyond bad. should definitely do something about traffic improvement. Ring Game Traffic

    Given the skill level of most players in Tiger Gaming, the ring game traffic is very high if taken within the context of the site. The site posed an average of more or less 700 people during peak hours playing in ring games. The Hold'em is still the crowd favorite but the other game variations are getting some attention. The Chinese Poker and the Big 2 Poker are starting to gain serious following. The ring game traffic of the site has improved much since its establishment back in 2002. However, it still varies depending on the games and the stakes involved.

    In Tiger Gaming, the saying old adage proclaiming that less is more can't be truer. This is perhaps the standard followed in this poker site. From the logs on ring game traffic, it can be observed that the ring game traffic is high, relative to the rest of the site, in tables with lower stakes and looser games. Games with higher stakes and intense plays are generally left alone by the ordinary ring game crowd. This makes sense because the newbies are understandably wary about betting money in a game they barely know how to play. It also adds an advantage since the experienced players aren't playing for fun anymore but for financial gain. The new kids on the block are separated from the bullies. Experienced players prefer the intense and skilled gaming in the tables with higher stakes. However, ring game traffic in the higher stakes are almost always nil because experienced players know where to find their kind, and it's certainly not in Tiger Gaming. Variety of Games

    The poker program used by is basic with stark graphics and vivid colors. In fact, the colors are so vivid players will have a hard time thinking it's real. The colors and the images are decidedly retro that players can expect their opponents to be in neon. The lobby contains the standard details like flop percentages and average pot sizes. However, the software still does not display the essential hand history.

    Games in include the basic Texas Hold'em, Omaha High, Seven-Card Stud High, and Omaha Low. However, the focus is on the Hold'em game since it is the only one that features pot-limit, no-limit, and limit games. Inevitably, most player traffic is centered around these tables. Stake variations are very little, if there are any. The stakes run the gamut from $.10 to $100 for games with fixed limits and $5 to over $1000 for pot-limit or no-limit tables.

    Since its clientele is mainly composed of people looking for fun and light poker games, Tiger features poker variations that are sure to delight. Guts Poker is among the favorites. In this poker variation, each player antes then are dealt with three cards. Players can choose to fold or stay-in. From those who opted to stay in, the winning hand takes home the pot. As consequence, all players who lost hands must equal the pot in their next ante. Another crowd-pleaser is the Chinese Poker. In this poker variation, players can play multiple hands at the same table. Players are given the option to hold three hands, thereby increasing the chances for bigger winnings. Big 2 Poker tables provide high deuces. Originally from Asia, the popularity of this poker variation is like a bush fire in dry land. The objective of the game is fairly simple: lose cards and win chips as fast as possible. Other games offered in include Panguingue and Black Jack.

    The focus of is clearly not the casino-level poker games but fun and non-serious game variations. Although this is good for people who want casual gaming and exciting variations, not all people will want to spend time playing Chinese Poker with minimal gains. This is because the stakes in these game variations are significantly lower than those offered in the Hold'em or Omaha games. As the final verdict, cemented its reputation as a poker playground for poker newbies with its preference for non-serious poker games. For true, casino-level intensity in poker, players would do well to look for another site. Bonuses

    If there's one thing this poker site can boast of, it is their outstanding bonuses and promotions. For newbies making their initial deposits, offers an unlimited 100% match -- at least in theory. The players' initial deposits at entitles them an entry to the Vegas Getaway Sweepstakes with $5,000 jackpot. Also, Player Option Points or POP are given for raked hands. These POP can be exchanged for entry fees and different prizes. Presently, the site offers other ways to enhance and improve money-making options in Tiger Gaming. One of these options is the referral system. A lot like a networking set-up, a player can receive $25 for getting someone to join the site and $35 after the fourth referral. Daily $10 or $50 free-rolls are also possible but with no clear requirements to qualify for them. However, these free-roll bonuses could be used as entries for the free-roll tournament with a $500,000 prize money.

    Of course, all good things have a catch somewhere in the middle and Tiger Gaming's bonuses are no exception. Bonus clearance is pegged within a 45-day limit. To clear their bonuses, players need to play raked hands in order to reach a certain point. It seems easy since the players are not experts or very good; however, they also play lower stakes. Thus, it takes longer to clear the bonus, and before you know it, poof! Your bonus has gone up in smoke.

    However, this promotion is still suspect because the information given on-site is unclear. There are other uses for POP in the site. The POP may be used in tandem with the unlimited initial deposit bonus. Each dollar from the bonus requires players to earn a dozen POP. But earning these POPs is very tedious since only 10 POP is earned for every raked dollar you contribute. There are two obvious disadvantages in Tiger Gaming's POP scheme. First, the bonus clearance time limit. It'll take long to clear those bonuses using the POPs because of lower stakes. Second, joining the higher stakes will make the process faster. However, there is next to no one to play with in the site's higher stake tables.

    Generally, the bonuses and promotions are outstanding in Tiger Gaming. These bonuses are also more generous compared to other poker gaming sites. However, slight refinement of the procedures is needed to make the bonus systems smoother and easier. Support provides its customers with round the clock customer support. The site provides the standard email, phone, and live chat options for its clients with undeniable commitment to quality service. The email support system responds with quickly with an average response time of 16 minutes. The responses are fairly accurate, clear, and direct to the point. Any information request is delivered with promptness. The live chat option is operated by the knowledgeable and congenial staff.

    If a user is too queasy to use Tiger Gaming's live support, email, or phone options, the site provides a comprehensive FAQ page. The compilation is extensive and the responses are explained in detail. From getting started quirks to pay-out panics, got everything covered. Further, the page is divided into sections for ease and facility in looking for answers. Customers will do well to consult this page first before resorting to the other options. Deposit Options uses online banking to promote ease for cash access. The site accepts deposits and recognizes withdrawals made through FirePay, NETeller, Citadel, and InstaCash. This way, the players can access their money and funds even when they are in the middle of a game. There is no need to go to an actual bank, deposit, and arrange for poker site account access. Everything a player might need is literally within the click of a button. However, opening an online banking account is not necessary. Players can deposit through the use of their credit cards. They only need to input the account number in their account and they are good to go. Also, guarantees that the site operates using a secure server. Of course, this means that all transactions, deals, and information given or done with is protected and kept confidential. This is done to prevent internet crimes like identity and account theft. Thus, in addition to quick money access, players are also benefited with safe playing environment.

    All content on this site are copyrighted and protected by law. The reviews are written exclusively for Distribution, copying and in any other way re-using this information for private or commercial purpose is forbidden.

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