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VIP Poker Review
Name VIP Poker
Company United Poker Network
Established 2004
Software size 6010kb (Download)
More Poker has recently acquired a new environment that goes with its new name. Flourishing under the changed name of Poker, this poker room is now aiming to further provide the best poker experience to poker enthusiasts worldwide. A veteran in the poker industry, Poker is indisputably one of the leading online poker rooms today.

Belonging to the list of pioneer gambling online sites, Poker is fully licensed in Netherlands Antilles, making it a secure poker room with unquestionable integrity. Poker is also a division of the Leisure and Gaming Plc. Being around the poker scene for almost a decade, Poker is a time-honored poker room that only gives outstanding treatments to its highly-valued clienteles.

This poker room prides itself with world-class customer service, first-rate poker interface, and robust financial security. Indeed, Poker has carved out a respectable name for itself in the poker world.

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Positive things
  • Easy competition
  • Fast support
  • Good deposit options
  • Negative things
  • Poor traffic.
  • No referalbonus

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    Client speed
    Client graphics
    Tournament traffic
    Sign up bonuses
    Variarity of games
    Deposit options
    Activity, players
    Have fun playing poker!

    Full Review Poker Client

    Because it is one of poker industry's pioneering rooms, Poker already has a long-standing impressive list of clients. Naturally, when it was first established during the infant years of online poker, poker enthusiasts all over the globe embraced it somewhat half-heartedly. But through the years, Poker proved itself worthy of attention by providing excellent poker experience to its clients. Thanks to its innovative software, good player quality, and efficient poker game service, this poker room continues to gain respect and attention from poker-lovers worldwide.

    Joining a bigger and stable network, the Microgaming Poker Network, Poker is presently making enormous waves in the poker arena. Many poker aficionados from other poker rooms can now grace Poker's poker tables. Also, without any player restrictions (except of course the legal age requirement), Poker enjoys a culturally diverse clientele. Although the majority of the poker players found at Poker are Americans and Europeans, there are also quite a small number of poker players from other parts of the globe.

    A poker room with a hodgepodge of multifarious ethnicities, one can also find poker players with varying degrees of skills in Poker. Although deemed by many as an ideal room for beginners to launch their poker career, this poker room is also home to countless professional poker players. The poker community at Poker is pretty huge, so one will undoubtedly enjoy competing against different types of poker players. Whether a player seeks for a challenging poker game against a pro, or fishing around for newbies, Poker definitely has them all. Poker Tournament Traffic

    With Poker opening its doors for more poker players, the volume of this poker room's player traffic has multiplied twofold. Since there are plenty of poker enthusiasts from other networks just waiting to get their shot at Poker, many of them have flocked over this poker room in search of a better poker experience. With poker player population within the Microgaming Poker Network adding to the already big existing populace, the player traffic at Poker soared in the past few months.

    Even before the change in environment and name, the player traffic at Poker is already heavy. This poker room receives a decent amount of player traffic considering that it just launched its new look a couple of years back. As of this month, the recorded player traffic reached the impressive 10,000 figures. The tournament games, of course, gets the bigger traffic percentage with as much as 5,500 to 6,500 players on peak hours. Most of these tourney players are found on Texas Hold'em games, although there is also a pretty good number of players in Omaha and Seven-Card Stud games. The off-peak hours also gets a sufficient tournament player traffic volume.

    The good player traffic at Poker only attracts more players. The immense tournament traffic though does not mean that competition is lax. Although the more adept players will surely find plenty of easy preys around, there are also many expert poker gamers lurking at several tournament tables. Poker has a great tournament schedule (with tournaments going all day long) that appeals to numerous poker players. Poker Ring Game Traffic

    As of the moment, Poker enjoys an upsurge in its player traffic. This is largely attributed to the fact that as of recently, Poker already made downloadable and Flash poker software. Also, because Poker is a part of a large poker network, the Microgaming Poker network, it is able to share players with other poker sites. Because of these two significant factors, Poker has a satisfactory player traffic that is expected to further improve in the future.

    As opposed to Poker's tournament traffic, the ring game traffic is comparatively lower. This is not to say that the Poker provides a second-rate ring game action. It might have a slightly lesser traffic volume than the tourney games, but there is enough bustle among ring game tables for an enjoyable gaming. Needless to say, the quality of players in ring games is good. Even the ring game competition is far from being a piece of cake.

    During peak hours, the ring game traffic is somewhere between 2300 to 2,700 real cash players. The most number of players are seen on Texas Hold'em, although the remaining player percentage is well-distributed among the Omaha Hi and the Omaha Hi-Lo tables, and in other poker games. The evening hours are usually the busiest, but a considerable amount of ring game activity is also present on off-peak hours. Players who want to stay clear of the crowded tourney tables will find the ring games fairly appealing. Poker Variety of Games

    Like every other poker room over the Internet, Poker offers a good number of games to suit the poker appetite and whims of every single poker player frequenting it. Poker is one of those several poker rooms that provide a rather tapered array of poker games. Of course, the ever-present Texas Hold'em is offered here. Other poker game variations in Poker are the Omaha Hi and the Omaha Hi-Lo, and the Seven-Card Stud. Aside from the required variations of poker, this poker room also has an atypical poker game called Five-Card Stud.

    The unrelenting popularity of Texas Hold'em still reigns in Poker. The majority of both tournament and ring game players are still drawn to this in-style form of poker. Because it is the most commonly seen poker game featured on TV, and because of its exciting and simple nature, more and more people are getting hooked on the game. At Poker, Texas Hold'em is offered in no limit, fixed limit, and pot limit games.

    The second popular poker game of Omaha, on the other hand, is offered in fixed limit and pot limit games. Texas Hold'em experts will have no hard time getting the hang of Omaha, as they are almost the same when it comes to pattern, betting rounds, and blind structure. The difference is that in Omaha, a player's five-hand card is comprised of two out of the four hole cards and three out of the five community cards.

    Meanwhile, Seven-Card Stud only comes in a fixed limit game. This is another popular form of poker way before Texas Hold'em surpassed it in popularity. There are no community cards in Seven-Card Stud games, but there are more hole cards and betting rounds than both of Texas Hold'em and Omaha.

    The Five-Card Stud, much like Seven-Card Stud, was a popular classic poker game before the advent of Texas Hold'em. In Five-Card Stud, every player is given with five cards and each player is given a chance to change any card or all of his or her cards to get a finer hand. With Five-Card Stud, the players only get two rounds of betting--- the first betting round is done before players change their cards and the second betting round is done after. Players who are getting bored of the more well-known poker card games can try Five-Card Stud for a change. Poker Bonuses Poker is one of the leading poker sites that offer lucrative bonuses for new and old poker players. This particular poker room certainly knows how to value its clientele and provides them with generous rewards. The numerous perks available at Poker is a sure-fire crowd-puller and this is reflected on the number of poker enthusiasts clamoring to sign up with Poker. With a very attractive sign-up bonus, more players are likely to join Poker in the future.

    The sign-up bonus, although not as princely as what other poker rooms offer, is well-appreciated nonetheless. Upon joining and depositing on this poker room, a newly signed-up member gets a $101 bonus. The $101 bonus is not immediately deposited on the player's account, he or she has to earn it little by little through playing a specified number of raked hands. The process is pretty extensive, but compared to other poker rooms, acquiring the bonus is uncomplicated.

    The first 500 raked hands that a player manages to play will instantly get the $33 of the $101 bonus deposited in his or her account. The same goes when a player takes part in 1000 raked hands. Playing the number of 1500 raked hands will get a player the remaining $35 in his or her account. All raked hands are to played at tables with $1 or $2 limit or higher only. In short, the $101 is matchplay sign-up bonus. The minimum deposit at this particular poker room is $25.

    A player can also earn more bonus or rewards through Poker's refer-a-friend system. All a player has to do is to get his or her friend to sign-up with Poker and he or she will be rewarded free chip worth $25. There's a catch to it though. Both the player and his or her friend should play the required 500 raked hands in order to get the bonus. Raked hands should only be played at tables with $1 or $2 limit or higher. In addition, the player's friend should not have any preexisting account with the Microgaming Poker Network.

    Aside from the sign-up and refer-a-friend bonus, a player can also reap rewards or points by being a regular player on this poker room. A poker player who contributes a dollar to a rake will earn sixty points. The points can be used to acquire gifts, cash, and other merchandise. Poker Support

    Another positive aspect of Poker is its excellent customer support. Although problems with the software is seldom encountered by its players, this poker room provides a dependable customer service that can be reached twenty-four hours a day. Players who have concerns can reach the support crew through a number of ways. Unlike some poker rooms, Poker not only has an email support, but also has a live chat and phone support services. The real-time nature of live chat and phone assures that all the queries by players will be immediately answered. The support people is also knowledgeable and friendly.

    Apart from the superb support, the Poker website offers many helpful information to help newbies with their basic questions regarding things like depositing and withdrawing, software download information, house rules, promos, and tournaments. Poker beginners will also find informative how-tos on playing the different poker games on Poker. Poker Deposit Options Poker also provide its clientele with a wide deposit and cashout selection. Players can deposit using their major plastics like VISA and MasterCard. The minimum deposit is $25, while the maximum deposit using these credit cards depends on the status of the player. SurePay is ideal for those players whose banks don't allow gaming transactions. The minimum deposit with SurePay per day is $25, while the maximum is $5000. Player can also use Click2Pay (minimum of $10, maximum of $2,500), eCHECK (minimum of $10, maximum amount depends on the player's status), FirePay (minimum $10, maximum depends on the player's status), Money Bookers (minimum of $10, maximum of $2,500), myCitadel (minimum of $10, maximum depends on the player's status), NETeller (minimum of $10, maximum of $2,500), instaCash (minimum of $10, maximum depends on the player's status), Direct Cash (minimum of $100, maximum of $5,000), and Bank Wire (minimum of $50, maximum depends on the player's status). Deposit option with InstaDebit will be offered soon.

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